Baby sleep

Baby sleep

Baby Sleep.

It’s a mind game.

You can control the way you think about it.

So many times I hear mamas venting about their baby’s sleep.

Saying things like, ‘But I know he can do it! He used to sleep 8 hours straight.’ ‘He used to be able to self settle.’ ‘He was down to only one feed at night. I know he doesn’t need more.’

What your baby could do yesterday doesn’t matter.

How long they slept straight last week doesn’t matter.

How many times your baby fed last month doesn’t matter.

Just because they ‘could’ do something doesn’t mean they CAN right now.

Just because they didn’t need that much help or nurse that many times previously doesn’t mean they don’t need it now.

Babies change, grow and quickly develop. Their bodies and minds are constantly busy with a huge amount of progress being made in a short space of time.

It is normal for babies to sleep poorly, wake frequently and nurse more often as they cycle through their first year and beyond.

Mentally, it’s so much kinder for both ourselves and our baby to focus on meeting them at their point of need. Sometimes they need us more intensely than at other times.

Sleep isn’t a milestone. They don’t just hit the magical ‘sleeping through’ mark and that’s it, done and dusted. Happily sleepy ever after.

It’s not reality. It’s not normal. (Unicorn babies excepted).

Let’s stop allowing ourselves to get so tied up in knots over frustrations WE decide are a problem.

Let’s acknowledge normal infant sleep behaviour.

Sleep deprivation sucks. I get it.

I am sleep deprived.

It doesn’t mean my baby has problem and it doesn’t mean he needs fixing.

He is simply sleeping like a baby. 💙😴😩

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