Mummy’s Little Booby Monster

Mummy’s Little Booby Monster

Mummy calls my baby brother 

By a very funny name

She says that he’s her Booby Monster

And that nursing’s his favourite game.


Our baby can do other things

He loves to watch me play

He shrieks with laughter watching me

And crawls right in my way.


But if our baby is feeling tired

Or something makes him sad

Mummy scoops him up and pops him on

And soon he’s back to glad.


Our baby now eats some food like me

But while he was tiny he never

That’s why mummy has her boobs with her

So he wasn’t hungry ever.


Mummy fed him while we were at playgroup

In the carrier at the shops

He had boob while she chased me

Even playing wouldn’t make him stop.


Our baby likes to play booby monster

Lots and lots during the night

So he sleeps with us right next to mum

So he can boob along and sleep tight.


Mummy says I was once her booby monster

When I was a baby too

She says she loved to cuddle me close

And nurse away my blues.


Mummy and our baby Booby Monster

Have lots of cuddles now

But Mummy always has cuddles for me

And she loves to show me how.

Grubby Mummy and the Grubby Bubbies

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