Grubby Mummy’s review of ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ by Pinky McKay

Grubby Mummy’s review of ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ by Pinky McKay

I am actually bubbling with excitement writing this review.

I have just finished this book and I feel like change is afoot and this book may well be the catalyst.

The mainstays of modern parenting books, particularly ones with a sleep focus, are sleep training, routines and schedules. They are full of charts and prescriptions of, ‘your baby SHOULD be doing this by X age …’. They are full of scaremongering about creating ‘bad habits’ and the importance of a baby getting X amount of sleep so that they develop properly.

Sleeping Like a Baby by Pinky McKay however, does none of these things.

Right from the dedication paragraph,

‘For all the parents who are soothing wakeful babies and feeling alone in the darkness of night-time, sleep deprivation and self doubt. Hold and cuddle and listen to your baby. Trust yourself – you have got this!’

You can feel the warmth, the understanding and dedication Pinky has put into this book.

She knows the importance of connecting with mothers and helping them stay connected to their baby.

It is an easy read. There are wonderful anecdotes from mothers dotted throughout the pages, helping you hear and recognise yourself and your little one in other people’s experiences, too.

You will not feel alone in your sleepless struggles after reading even a portion of his book.

This new updated edition is brimming with useful, up to date evidence based information regarding normal infant sleep and Pinky has done a magnificent job bringing the data to you in manageable, sleep deprived mama friendly language.

You could read this book from cover to cover or just pick out what you think is most relevant to you. It wouldn’t matter because I guarantee, you will be coming back any time you need those words of reassurance again, ‘Trust yourself- you have got this!’

With topics such as, 

  • The first six weeks,
  • Reducing the risk of SIDS or SUDI, 
  • Sharing sleep, 
  • Night feeds, 
  • Solids, 
  • Food to aid or hinder sleep, 
  • Dropping naps, 
  • Positive bedtime cues, 
  • A step by step plan to change ‘bad habits’ gently with love, 
  • Night weaning, 
  • Cot to bed transition
  • Looking after yourself

Pinky has covered thoroughly so many of the questions we as mothers ask ourselves as we wade our way through this weary season in our lives.

The words of this book have the power to change the conversation around Baby Sleep for the better. If this book became THE book that was recommended routinely at antenatal classes or by midwives, MCHNs and GPs or given as a gift at baby showers, I would happily predict we’d see a swift decline in the amount of anxiety seen in mothers around their child’s sleep patterns and the way the mother responds to her child.

This book is accessible. It is speaks to all mothers and treats them with the respect they deserve as the person who truly knows what is best for her child.

Sleeping Like a Baby is also a gift to all the babies of those mothers lucky enough to read its pages. These babies will be understood, respected and responded to with tenderness and confidence by mothers who know that they are doing this mothering business beautifully, even if their baby is wakeful.

I will close with some words at the very end of the book that made this mama all misty eyed,

‘A baby is a gift of life and it is up to each of us lucky enough to share this tiny life to make it worthwhile- to nurture and grow this little being, teaching it how to love and to love life. As you teach your baby that he is loved and worthwhile and special, he will also teach you about pure, unconditional love. For that is what you will find in your heart when you surrender to your feelings and allow yourself to connect unreservedly with the tiny person in your arms – day and night.’

Do yourself a favour mamas and invest in a copy today!

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