All the comfort you need sweet babe

All the comfort you need sweet babe


Comfort is something so very undervalued in our interactions with others in today’s society.  

Comfort seems simple.

But it’s not. To provide comfort takes time. It requires connection and and a level of intuition.

Comfort cannot be fake.

Both the comforter and comfortee need to accept the give and take.

My precious first babe taught me just how much comfort one person can need.

He taught me about the beauty and value in surrendering to another’s need for comfort.

He knows that he has all the comfort he wants from me.

I offer my comfort freely.

There are no strings attached.

My arms will always be open to him whether he be happy or sad, afraid or mad.

As a babe, he needed me to comfort him at my breast. Day and night. He found comfort in my arms, on my chest, warm milk flowing as I hummed and sang to him. He slept right next to me from 6 months when I finally accepted his waking for comfort and nursing was a necessity not a problem to be fixed.

As a toddler, he still finds great comfort in me. I remain his safe place.

The time in my arms has greatly reduced as he blossoms and grows and still he returns whenever he needs.

It warms my heart to realise that whatever distress, whatever the disquiet he comes to me. He may still cry. He may still rage. But my arms, my voice my presence brings the comfort. Slowly he calms. Gradually he relaxes. Eventually he finds his peace.

This sweet babe of mine may be small but he knows about love. He knows how it feels to be able to depend on another. He knows that turning to someone when you are feeling bad brings comfort and peace not turning against them in spite.

He will go out into this world knowing and feeling unconditional love.

I may have days that are long. I may feel touched out. I may feel stretched too thin. But I will give that babe all the comfort he needs until my end of days because to bring him comfort brings me home. The look in his eyes when he sees me. The way they communicate the sadness, anger, frustration, hurt, joy, pain and excitement. The moment we connect. It’s just him and me. Our days of breastfeeding are over but the synchrony remains.

It is an honour and privilege to be his mum.