Places I go for ideas, support and inspiration…

Places I go for ideas, support and inspiration…

In case you hadn’t gathered, I like to mother with heart. I like to follow my baby’s lead, I like to follow my instincts. I love the 3 Bs – Boobin, Bedsharing and Babywearing. I strive to parent gently.

On my motherhood journey I have found resources that have helped boost me up, keep me on track and helped me feel like I can be the mother I want to be. 

In today’s post I thought I’d share the places, people and books I have found beneficial on my journey.

Here they are-

For preparing for birth-

On Facebook- Birth Without Fear

Book- Juju Sundin and Sarah Murdoch’s Birth Skills


For parenting support and information on Facebook and online –

 Pinky McKay-

  •  and on Facebook

 The Milk Meg –

  • and on Facebook

 LR Knost-

  • and on Facebook

 Nurshable-

  • and on Facebook

 Breastfeeding Mama Talk-

  • and on Facebook

 Australian Breastfeeding Association-

  • and on Facebook

 La Leche League International-

La Leche League USA- Facebook 

 Belly Belly-

  • and on Facebook

 Sarah Ockwell Smith-

  • and on Facebook

 Evolutionary Parenting-

  • and on Facebook

 and the spin off group Evolutionary Parenting Australia on Facebook

 The Peaceful Papa-

  • and on Facebook

 Documenting Delight who is now Gregarious Peach-

  • and on Facebook

Parenting books actually worth the paper they are printed on …

 Pinky McKay

• Sleeping like a baby

• Parenting by heart

• Toddler tactics

 Meg Nagle (The Milk Meg)

• Boobin all day, Boobin all night

 Australian Breastfeeding Association

• Breastfeeding Naturally

 La Leche League International

• Sweet Sleep

 Naomi Stadlen

• What Mothers Do Especially When It Looks Like Nothing

 Sarah Ockwell Smith

• Baby Calm

Gil Rapley

  • Baby Led Weaning

I am also surrounded by beautiful mum’s of every ilk who work hard to mother and love their babies everyday. It’s so important to follow your heart on this journey because feeling good about your parenting decisions makes this journey so much happier for all involved.

I know this probably looks like an excessive amount of information but over two or so years, I have discovered these beautiful resources. If I was looking at where to start my top picks would be:

  1. Birth Skills by Juju Sundin and Sarah Murdoch
  2. Parenting by Heart by Pinky McKay
  3. Breastfeeding Naturally by the Australian Breastfeeding Association (you get it free when you join)

Who or what have you found inspiring on your journey so far?